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Japanese designers create shared kitchen experience

Food & Drink

The space can be rented by diners or serve as a showcase for those in the food industry

Spotted: Tokyo-based Schemata Architects has created a new kind of shared kitchen concept. The idea is that the kitchen space can be rented and used by diners or to host food industry events.

The concept provides diners with a new way to eat out by cooking for each other rather than ordering and being served in the traditional sense. The space can also be used as a showroom of sorts for businesses to let consumers try their food-related products.

Because of the internet, “people have grown accustomed to two-way communication between customers and suppliers, and they are therefore no longer satisfied with food and beverage businesses based on one-way communication. As a result, there is a growing demand for shared kitchens for rent,” the architects told

The space is designed in a way so that whatever is taking place inside is viewable by those passing by. It features an extremely large sliding glass door in the front façade.



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