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Sushi Singularity

Japanese restaurant will test your saliva to create the perfect sushi

Health & Wellbeing

Sushi Singularity aims to take personalized dining to a new level based on diners’ biometrics

SpottedJapan-based Open Meals wants to tailor your next sushi meal to the health of your gut. The project, Sushi Singularity, will use biometrics and 3D printers to create bespoke meals for every diner based on their health needs.

The meal will be based on diners’ biometrics — samples of saliva, faeces and urine will be collected two weeks before their reservation. Sushi Singularity will work with health-technology companies to turn the test scores into a personalised health ID for each diner.

The technical details are still fuzzy. But data from the health ID profiles will be fed into machines (reportedly a CNC machine, a 3D printer and robotic arms are being considered), which will create the sushi. Nutrients will be added based on the diner’s needs, according to the company.

Possible menu items include the ethereal looking Dashi Soup Universe, a cube-shaped soup fashioned out of seaweed particles (alginic acid) and white crystalline salt (calcium lactate). The restaurant plans to open in Tokyo in 2020.




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