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Jeans brand offers hot showers and clean undies

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There’s no doubt about it: Italian jeans brand Diesel is hitting the festival circuit this summer. A few days ago, we wrote about the limited edition, mud-resistant jeans they designed for Denmark’s Roskilde festival. Another spotting came in from Pinkpop, a Dutch overnight music fest that took place last week. At Pinkpop, Diesel kindly provided hot showers, including fresh towels, shower gel and a little something for those pesky hangovers. Festival-goers who showed up between 11 am and noon—the ‘One Hour Happy Shower’—were also treated to free underwear. Needless to say, the Dutch kids showed up en masse and the undies ran out in minutes, creating a nice bit of buzz for the brand. (Related: Laundromats popping up at music festivalsSwish showers on location.) Spotted by: RK



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