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Aiming to set itself apart from all of the other gyms and health clubs in Australia, Jetts Gym offers cheaper memberships by cutting costs and shirking little-used or unnecessary services. Out went the exercise classes, since typically only 10% typically participate (according to Jetts), and the pool, sauna and fancy spa. Jetts Gyms are located in residential areas, close to members’ homes, encouraging people to change and shower at home and taking pressure off limited facilities at the gym. Personnel costs have also been cut by using full-time remote surveillance technology, meaning staff is only needed on site for the six busiest hours of the day. Jetts does offer a service that most gyms don’t, though: it’s open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It’s designed so that members can work out around busy schedules and night shifts, or can hit the gym when there won’t be a crowd. By eliminating the fluffier gym facilities, Jetts is able to offer cheaper membership rates than most gyms. Annual memberships run at AUD 468, plus a card fee of AUD 19 and a registration fee of AUD 99.00. Members are able to use any of the club’s 35 gyms across Australia. Following in the footsteps of airlines and hotels, Jetts serves as a reminder that practically any service can be distilled to its essential qualities and offered at a discounted rate. And if you’re not busy developing your own model from scratch, franchise opportunities at Jetts are currently up for grabs. Spotted by: Edward Baral


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