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Jobseeker platform for searches, applications and interviews

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We’ve seen countless management platforms over recent years, with websites designed to help organize architectural work, bands and even relationships. Now US-based JobGizmo is setting out to lend a helping hand to those seeking employment.

A search using the web platform may begin by using the JobGizmo Browser Widget. This widget displays a “Save to JobGizmo” button in the jobseeker’s web browser whilst they scan the web for potential jobs. Once they discover one they like the look of, they can click the button and the job’s description and link will generate in their JobGizmo account. Thus multiple applications from different sites can be viewed and managed in one place. Once they have been added to the jobseeker’s account, it is then possible to add notes to the jobs, recording any developments in the application process. It is also possible to upload resumes to JobGizmo, which can then be linked to the user’s list of jobs in order to keep track of which resumes have been sent where. The service costs USD 24.95 for three months, and is also available for a 14 day free trial.

JobGizmo are also currently working on a mobile app, set to feature a built in job searcher powered by, which will enable users to search for jobs by industry and title, date and location. The app will also let jobseekers review all their progress with a job application when on the move, allowing them to look over their résumé immediately before an interview, for example.

In an effort to help jobseekers further, the JobGizmo website also features a blog with job search, application and interview advice; an email service which will mail out free tips to subscribers; and a live help chat. As management platforms become increasingly common to help users organize and structure their hectic lives, there’s still plenty of opportunity here to streamline other stressful processes. (Related: Jobs site estimates each candidate’s worthFree resume distribution to multiple job sitesHelping unskilled workers find employers.)



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