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Peer-to-peer recruiting, with prizes for referrals

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It’s been a while since we’ve come across a new referral-based job site, but recently we stumbled upon evidence that the idea still has merit. Connecticut-based JobPrize is an online referral network that allows job seekers to pay corporate employees who have the right connections to help them land a job. Job seekers begin by signing up for an account with JobPrize, including posting a profile and indicating how much they are willing to pay someone who refers them to a new job. “Prize hunters,” meanwhile—employees at companies with open positions—can search the site for profiles that match openings within their company or industry. If they find one, they can refer the job seeker to the position. If the job seeker is hired, the prize hunter can choose to accept the company’s referral bonus, if there is one; otherwise, the job seeker’s reward bonus—held in escrow by JobPrize—is released to them instead. Whether it’s to connect job seekers with open positions or landlords with prospective tenants, referrals are a smart, efficient way to accomplish the matchmaking that must occur. Time for some localized or industry-specific variations on this theme…? (Related: Crowdsourcing the sales forceReferral community for domestic helpTapping into the referral economyYorZ: bountiful listing.) Spotted by: Abel Travis



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