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Jobseekers can filter job listings by political leaning

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CareerLabs aggregates vacancies from across the web and enables users to filter jobs by the politics and culture of the company.

We have already seen a platform that help consumers choose businesses that share their political values, now CareerLabs does the same for jobseekers. The recruitment platform aggregates job listings from across the web and enables users to filter out companies that don’t align with their political leanings.

CareerLabs collects data about the companies that have posted the job listings and enables the jobseeker to search for jobs according to criteria of their choice. As well as the political views of the workplace, users can also search by employee morale, company growth or work/life balance. Overseas workers can even view the companies that are most likely to sponsor their work visa. Much of the information is gathered by scraping the social network profiles of employees, but the political category relates to the preferences of the management. CareerLabs is also planning to add a feature that lets users filter out companies with poor equal rights histories by collating data about racial or gender discrimination suits.

Applicants can gain access to work/life balance data for free but have to pay a premium to view the more niche filters. Could a similar platform be used to help people choose universities?



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