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Jobs site estimates each candidate's worth

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There are job sites galore serving workers and employers around the world, but Spanish Jobsket offers an interesting twist. Specifically, in addition to hosting candidates’ CVs and connecting them with open positions, it also estimates their worth on the local market. With sites targeting both Spain and Ireland, Jobsket allows candidates to upload their CVs without having to alter the format to fit into predefined templates; rather, the site preserves the original appearance as it converts them into Flash. Working from a database of salaries in various jobs and locations, Jobsket then uses a proprietary algorithm to estimate the value of a given CV in a particular role and market given the candidate’s background and training. Candidates can decide how public they want their CV to be, including hiding their personal data and worth if they wish; they can also embed it in a website or blog and share it through sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Companies with jobs to fill, meanwhile, can post their openings on Jobsket; potential candidates can then request email alerts about relevant opportunities, and manage their applications through the site. Jobsket is free for employees; companies wishing to post jobs are charged a fee starting at EUR 15.95 per month. Jobsket aims to reach an 85 percent accuracy rate in estimating the worth of 90 percent of CVs—whether it achieves that yet isn’t entirely clear, as TechCrunch Europe reports. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting concept, and one that will doubtless be refined over time. One to partner with or to emulate in a job market near you…? (Related: Jobs site focuses on finding & reviewing ‘great bosses’Job site for working parentsJob site for high earnersNew job for online video: recruitment.) Spotted by: Tais Reis



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