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Simplified mobile phone just makes & receives calls


Back in 2006 we thought the Jitterbug looked like a simple phone. Then we saw John’s Phone, which just launched last year. Billed as “the world’s most simple phone,” John’s Phone may indeed be just that, with features that focus exclusively — really exclusively — on making and receiving calls. Designed by Dutch creative agency John Doe Amsterdam, John’s Phone comes unlocked and it includes no frills. Features such as a camera, text messaging capabilities and numerous ringtones are not to be found on the device, which is designed instead to require no explanation. Rather, John’s Phone features calling capabilities, large keys, volume control, locking capabilities, an earphone for hands-free use and a speed-dial function — which makes it particularly suitable for children, the company says. On the back of the device, meanwhile, is a flap containing an address book and a pen — features John Doe figures might appeal to older users. John’s Phone is available in five colors, and it’s compatible with any type of SIM card around the world. It also supports global roaming, except on the 3G networks in South Korea and Japan. With a standby time of more than three weeks, John’s Phone is priced at EUR 79.95 for all colors except white, which is EUR 69.95. Given the complexity of most technology today, it should be no surprise that simplification should be a potent counter-trend. Whether for senior citizens, kids, or those just tired of feature overkill, how could you simplify things for the niche of your choice? (Related: Remote computer support for senior citizensPersonal ‘cloud phone’ service for rural users without a handsetModular mobile phone can slip into new roles.) Spotted by: Karin Thomas



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