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Jordanian app connects parliamentarians with voters


Rawa partnered with Email Solutions to build the NowabnaJo app, allowing voters to directly contact parliamentary candidates with policy questions.

The majority of eligible voters in Jordon are 35 years old or younger, and many do not participate in elections. Rawa International Training and Consulting Centre partnered with Email Solutions Company, a group of young programmers, to build the free NowabnaJo app. NowabnaJo provides an online method for voters to interact with candidates and parliamentarians.

As well as personalized content from each candidate’s campaign, the app provides electoral information such as new laws and polling station locations. The team behind the app hopes to help young people gain confidence in voting, through information provided and a safe space in which to engage. The app also provides candidates and elected officials a simple way to for constituents to have direct interaction.

Worldwide, voter engagement projects are finding ways to link citizens’ online lifestyles with civic participation. Two recent initiatives from the United States are helping voters more easily access polling stations – by turning shops into places to vote – and helping voters stay true to their preference without losing key swing states. How could governments use smart voting systems as a gateway to further civic engagement with their citizens?




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