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Juice mimics the benefits of red wine

Health & Wellbeing

Ultrapremium juices have graced our pages on several occasions before, including First Blush and its varietal grape blends. But while most merely tout their antioxidant benefits, a new juice brand called Embodi was designed specifically to mimic the healthful properties of red wine. Launched this summer, Embodi bills itself as the only alcohol-free beverage that provides the full spectrum of antioxidants and polyphenols found in red wine. Its line of three juice blends are specially formulated with an extract made from the seeds, skins and stems of red wine grapes to deliver more than 400 of the polyphenols associated with red wine’s health benefits. Particularly notable among those is resveratrol, which has been linked with longevity and muscle endurance. The quantities are significant, too: One bottle of Embodi delivers the health benefits of two glasses of wine, the company says. Embodi is available in three flavours—Tropical Revival, Berry Renewal and Citrus Resurgence—at Whole Foods markets throughout the United States. Suggested pricing for each 8-ounce aluminium bottle is USD 2.49. A full 38 percent of Americans don’t drink alcohol, the company notes, and clearly that figure is even higher in some parts of the world. No end in sight to the “juicy” opportunities! 😉



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