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Fitness class by Reebok & Cirque du Soleil

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Fitness gyms have been nichefying for some time now, as we noted in a post back in 2005. Adding a new twist to workouts for women, however, is a class from Reebok and Cirque du Soleil that simulates the feeling of flying. Jukari Fit to Fly is a group exercise experience based on a new piece of equipment called the FlySet. Much like a free-hanging trapeze, the FlySet can be used for swinging, jumping, hanging, kicking, pulling up and strengthening. The equipment consists of a durable, three-stranded rope fixed to the ceiling with a 360-degree swivel point and an attachable FlyBar. Using that equipment, Fit to Fly classes offer an hour-long total body workout of cardio, strength, balance and core training for up to 12 people that’s designed to provide a cure for the “workout blues.” Reebok explains: “You’ll flex and flutter, sweat and stretch, and swing from a FlySet. It’s all about moving your body in a fun new way.” Jukari Fit to Fly is named from a world dialect word meaning “to play” and is just the first in a series of special projects to result from Reebok’s new partnership with Cirque du Soleil, the company says. The program is already available at Pure Fitness in Krakow, Poland, and Equinox in New York City, and will be opening soon in Hong Kong, Mexico City, Madrid, London, Munich, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montreal and Los Angeles. Coming later this month is also a collection of workout clothing for women tailored to the Jukari Fit to Fly experience. More than half of all women feel exercise is a chore, and nearly two-thirds would work out more if it was more fun, according to Reebok’s research. How else could a dose of fun be added to the workout experience—for women, men or kids? (Related: Gyms for kids use gaming to keep them hooked.) Spotted by: Adverlab via Raymond Kollau



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