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Helping tech-timid professionals use LinkedIn and Facebook

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Although it may seem that everyone and everything is online these days, there’s still a fair portion of the population that isn’t part of the social networking revolution. It’s not necessarily that they don’t want to be involved—professionals are realising the benefits of connecting online. However, it’s these professionals, especially those over 45, who are more likely to feel daunted by the latest wave of online interaction. Enter JumpStart Social Media, a web service to get the not-so-tech-savvy up and running with their own online profiles. For USD 89.95, JumpStart’s webwise team will get users set up with a profile on either Facebook and LinkedIn and leave them with a reference guide. JumpStart uses a web-based questionnaire to determine the subscriber’s needs, and then uses this information to create a personal profile. Everything is then submitted for review to the subscriber, who then approves (or disapproves) the profile. When users change their password on either site, JumpStart is no longer able to access their profile, which keeps the process secure. For people who have already set up an account on either site, a USD 9.95 personalised guide is on offer to help users get the most from their online profile. JumpStart is a new service from social marketing consultancy Digital Brand Expressions, based in New Jersey. It fits in well with the current focus on the importance of personal branding, and the rise of using social networking to establish oneself as an industry expert, attracting employers in a recession. One to set up for local or niche markets? (Related: Helping unskilled workers find employers.) Spotted by: Raymond Kollau



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