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Online 'relationship dashboard' rewards loving couples

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It was only a few months ago we saw the launch of Tokii, claiming to be the world’s first relationship management platform. Now San Francisco start-up Kahnoodle is also aiming to use web and mobile technology to help couples stay together. Realizing that most content for couples looking for help or advice is confined to books, over-generalized articles in magazines, or comes with the high price tag of a therapist, Kahnoodle aims to combine empirically-supported and well-researched best practices with modern technology to “help busy couples build and maintain awesome relationships”. Couples are given a “relationship dashboard” which displays key metrics of the health of their relationship and allows them to visually monitor it. Based on unique user profiles, Kahnoodle plans to give date suggestions and will reward couples with discounts on future dates and vacations, giving them financial incentives to invest more in the relationship, more often. The product is still in development with the finer details yet to be revealed, but users can register on their website and be notified when it launches. Whether relationships can benefit with this type of online coaching will remain to be seen, but with fifty per cent of marriages in the US ending in divorce, it’s certainly an avenue ripe for exploration!



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