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Instant local gifts via text message

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Back in 2006 we wrote about, a Dutch site that lets mobile users send each other gifts by text message. Now from across the ocean comes KangoGift, a new site that enables similar capabilities. Launched into beta last week, KangoGift has partnered with a variety of gift retailers starting in its home base of Harvard Square, Mass. Now anyone in the world can visit to purchase a gift for a friend or loved one in that neck of the woods, providing that person’s mobile number in the process. As soon as they place their order, a text voucher for that gift is delivered instantaneously to the recipient, who can then redeem it as soon as they choose. Real-world goods currently on offer through KangoGift include gourmet sweets, foods and flowers, but a selection of free, virtual gifts are available as well. KangoGift hopes to expand throughout the US in the near future. Retailers of gifts and treats: start lining up now! 😉 And for more on real-time commerce, real-time marketing and real-time everything else, check out’s latest briefing on NOWISM.



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