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Reusable coffee cup in standard barista sizes

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Our coverage of ad-supported FreePaperCups earlier this year sparked quite a reaction from eco-minded readers, many of whom very rightly pointed out the wastefulness inherent in using disposable cups. We’re happy, then, to present the KeepCup, a sustainable, reusable alternative designed to reduce the massive waste created when coffee cups are meant to be thrown away. The average paper cup consumes 2.5 times its final weight in raw wood, and is also coated in a polyethylene lining that makes it not just waterproof but also unrecyclable. Similar in intent to I Am Not a Paper Cup, the KeepCup is a lightweight, reusable and recyclable cup crafted from polypropylene—otherwise known as No. 5 food-grade plastic. Two sizes are currently available—a small, 8oz. size and a medium, 12oz. version—with both a large, 16oz. size and a “Babycino” 4oz. size on the way. Particularly notable is that Australian KeepCup replicates standard sizing on disposable coffee cups commonly used by baristas, so it can be substituted for paper cups without any modification; the small and medium cups fit directly under the nozzle at the coffee machine. Cups, lids, plugs and silicone bands can also be mixed and matched to create colourful combinations, and the cups are dishwasher-safe on the top rack, with an estimated lifespan of four years. Melbourne-based KeepCup is targeting cafes and employers with the product; corporate branding is available. Introductory pricing on the KeepCup begins at AUD 7.80 for the small version, increasing to AUD 9.80 in July. KeepCup is currently seeking “crusaders” to manage and distribute its cups in overseas markets. Given that Australians alone use some 500 million disposable cups each year—throwing out 951 every minute—there’s sure to be considerable opportunity in virtually every neck of the woods. One to get in on early! 😉 Spotted by: David Cairns



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