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The keyboard joins the Internet of Things

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Das Keyboard is a cloud-connected, LED keyboard that can be programmed to do a range of productivity-focused tasks.

As the Internet of Things gathers momentum, we are seeing an increasing number of innovations that take the focus away from the screen. These smart discs are just one example, enabling users to make commands to other devices by knocking on any surface in preset patterns. Now Das Keyboard has joined the ring, bringing out the 5Q, a smart keyboard that uses LEDs to enable consumers to silently gather and track the information they want to follow.

The keyboard claims to be an antidote to death-by-notifications, helping “over-tabbers” and “alert-snoozers” worldwide. In real terms this means that users can, for example, program the letter B to flash when they receive an email from their boss, the letter E to track an eBay bid as it ends and change color from blue to red, or even follow important streaming information without opening a browser. According to Das Keyboard, the product “Takes information you want to keep tabs on and allows you to plug it into your subconscious. Kind of like how you don’t need to look out your window to know it’s not raining.”

The keyboard is linked to Q App, the cloud software that powers the dashboard which connects to multiple services like IFTTT. The app comes with a set of pre-installed recipes designed to track certain types of notifications, but ultimately, Q App is community-driven and features an open API so its functions can be more specifically personalized.

The idea behind the 5Q is that it frees up users up to focus on what’s most important, “Increasing efficiency, lowering stress and tracking what you care about in a non-invasive, ambient way.” The product, launched on Kickstarter, has already raised over USD 500,000 at the time of writing. What other everyday tech accessory can be programmable with IoT to increase productivity?



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