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Kidpreneur launches new toy

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Entrepreneurs vying for a share of the children’s market should look out—your competition just got harder to size up! Three-year-old Mia Bergman is being credited with inventing a new product for fellow pint-sizers that could well be a hit in toy stores. Mia’s mother, along with her business partner, decided to capitalize on the young tyke’s fondness for burying small items in Play-Doh to dig out and rebury. So, they whipped up a batch of their own dough—using a nontoxic combination of flour, water, salt and a touch of lavender oil for scent—buried some small token items inside, and voila—Treasure Dough was born! Treasure Dough is available in an assortment of colors and themes, including “Princess Loot,” “Under the Sea,” “Zany Zoo” and “Dino Diggers.” Each bucket retails at USD 14 and includes 12 to 13 small toys that children can discover to play with and rebury at will. Because the items may pose a risk of choking, Treasure Dough is recommended for children ages three and up and can be purchased online and in a handful of select stores. Not a bad start for a toddler! It just goes to show the power of knowing what appeals to your intended market! 😉 (Related: Facilitating kidpreneurs.) Spotted by: Gwen Yuffa



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