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Playful DIY computer screen for kids

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Kano introduces a screen to their code-able educational devices, which kids build themselves using storybook style instructions.

The maker movement has many applications in disruptive education, such as this self-built camera that helps kids understand the engineering behind the tech. A player in this movement is Kano, who are adding a user-assembled screen to their educational computer product range.

The Screen Kit functions with existing Kano devices, which encourage kids to build computers by teaching them coding. To build the 10.1 inch HD screen, kids follow instructions which take a storybook format, guiding them through assembly while teaching them the underlying reasons behind the engineering. A magnifying glass is provided to enable kids to explore the circuitry and pixel creating machinery in detail. The Screen Kit has a starting price of GBP 109.99.



By presenting complicated engineering in simple, engaging formats, products such as Kano’s can be used to help children get a head start. What other tech could young users build themselves?



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