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Music crowdfunding pops up in France

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Netherlands-based Sellaband has already appeared on our virtual pages on numerous occasions, so we were interested to see a like-minded enterprise spring up in France. Much like Sellaband, Kisskissbankbank lets music fans invest in the bands they love and share in the rewards of their success. Fans begin by browsing through the artists on the site and choosing one or more they’d like to invest in. As little as EUR 10 per band makes a fan an official “KissBanker,” and those funds can be withdrawn or transferred to another artist at any time. Meanwhile, such investments entitle KissBankers to a share in the success of that band’s efforts in proportion to their investments, as well as access to bonuses and exclusive content. KissBankers may also get invited to weigh in on decisions their bands make, and they are encouraged to help promote them in their own social networks and communities. Kisskissbankbank, meanwhile, gets a 20 percent commission on the amounts that are invested. With all the many ways we’ve seen for bands to collaborate with their fans—whether via financial investments, help with music sales or concert promotion—it’s clear the crowdfunding model has struck a “chord,” so to speak, in the world of music. Bands get support, fans get involved—and paid. It’s music to everyone’s ears! 😉 Spotted by: Raymond Kollau



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