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Kitchenless restaurant

Food & Drink

Food Facility, a temporary restaurant slash art statement in The Netherlands, creates a unique BEING SPACE. Fun and thought-provoking!

Craving food-inspired innovation? Check out Amsterdam’s Food Facility, a temporary restaurant without a kitchen, hosted by Mediamatic. Diners at the venue go online to check out menus from existing take-out restaurants in the area, while a food advisor informs them about the quality of the food and estimated delivery times, and then places their order. A food DJ takes the order from the delivery person and does away with the packing materials, before the food advisor serves the food at one’s table. Mixing and matching is encouraged: negotiating with other guests makes it possible to have Tom Ka Ka as a starter, spareribs as a main course and tiramisu for dessert. Open Fridays and Saturdays until December 11th, this (not for profit) art concept gives a whole new meaning to being spaces, and should be the starting point for many a brainstorming session on what other hybrid entertainment concepts you can create, from separating production and consumption to marrying online and offline worlds.


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