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In India, personal documents stored physically and digitally

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Personal document storage is a trend that has followed naturally upon the heels of personal storage in general, overlapping not insignificantly with life caching and related services. We’ve already seen the emergence of offerings including Orggit and Sentemental, and recently we came across Kleeto, an Indian service that promises to store documents physically and digitally. Kleeto aims to simplify consumers’ paper management and — ultimately — reduce the usage of paper altogether. Toward those ends, it offers a way for individuals and families to preserve and pass down documents such as sale deeds, insurance policies and income tax records, as well as those of more sentimental value. Users begin by visiting the Kleeto site and choosing a plan that suits them; pricing begins at INR 200 for three months of storage for up to 100 physical documents plus 500 online. Kleeto will pick up the documents in question and securely scan them for storage online as well as warehousing them physically. Once online, they’re available for password-protected search, access and downloading anytime and from anywhere. Each piece of data is secured with multiple backups as extra insurance against the risk of disk crashes, security compromise or equipment failure. If the user needs hard copies returned for any reason, Kleeto will deliver them back again. Between generations, meanwhile, all that must be passed down is a password. Gurgaon-based Kleeto currently serves only Delhi (NCR), Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Gaziabad and Bengaluru. One to partner with or emulate in your neck of the woods? (Related: Life-caching service incorporates maps, photos and friendsSelf-storage by mailA virtual vault for information-age valuables.) Spotted by: Jitan Sahni



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