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No-sweat online publishing of (amateur) sports tournaments

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Last year we wrote about Fantastar, a website that helps amateur sports clubs attract financial support through fantasy sport leagues based on their own teams. Switching the focus from fantasy to reality, Konkuri allows sports and games enthusiasts to manage and publish real tournaments. Conceived by Bologna-based web agency Koinema, Konkuri (the Esperanto word for “to compete”) is a free-to-use tournament and league management web application that caters for tournament organizers of all kinds, from amateur competitions to online matches between friends. Supporting the majority of sports and games, Konkuri lets users create a tournament site, with round-robin scheduling, brackets, playoffs, etc. Match dates and times can be posted, results and standings shared, a tournament blog maintained, and all involved can comment on posts and matches. Launched last fall, Konkuri has already hosted over 20,000 tournaments worldwide, with teams in Italy, Brazil and Spain taking the lead. One to try out or partner with?



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