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Well-equipped hideaways for playing games and watching DVDs. When will the rest of the world get their private cinemas?

Well-equipped hideaways for playing games and watching movies

Popular for years now, South Korean ‘Video Bangs’ (private mini-cinemas) are quickly becoming ‘DVD Bangs’ (‘Bang’ is Korean for a public space or room which can be rented for a short period of time). Ever since the introduction of VHS, video bangs have been doing good business, combining the privacy of a living-room setting with larger-than-at-home screens, top-notch audio system and in-house catering, with the pleasures of escaping one’s apartment or flat. The latter being more than a premium for South Korean youngsters, as they often continue to live with their parents for quite a while after reaching partying-age. Needless to say, PC Bangs (for playing games) are hugely popular as well, with online broadband access turning gaming into a multi-media, global and real-time adventure, all from one’s own reclinable leather chair. You may just want to change the name before you introduce this business concept in English-speaking nations 😉

Website: /korean_bang_rooms/

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