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Language learning app reads comics to users

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LingoZING, a language learning app, provides a comic book library of titles in various languages, with users able to test their pronunciation through listening and recording.

While we’re seeing more innovations aimed at breaking language barriers through technology, such as airport robot assistants or news article translations, a new app is aiming to assist users in learning another language with the help of digitized comic books.


The LingoZING app will support well known comic books in various languages, enabling users to build a digital library of titles, and as well as reading the comics users can use the app like an audiobook, listening to readings by voice actors in both their native tongue and the language they’re learning. A voice recording feature then allows the user to test their pronunciation, with the option to post recordings to social media. A kickstarter campaign, if successful, will see the release of six titles in English, French and Brazilian Portuguese upon launch in Spring 2017, with more titles and languages planned for the future.

How else can learning a foreign language be made easier?



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