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Laptop designed with women in mind

Fashion & Beauty

Japan-based electronics firm Fujitsu has launched the Floral Kiss, a laptop aimed solely at female users.

Women are often the target for new products, putting a twist on items that in the past have been mostly associated with men from cider to dating sites. Japan-based electronics firm Fujitsu felt that computers are not being effectively marketed towards their female userbase and has now launched the Floral Kiss, a laptop range designed with women in mind. According to the company, the computers have been “developed in an all-out pursuit of elegance”, offering a lightweight and sleek design that comes in white, pink or brown with gold trim. The lid features a latch that can be opened easily by people with long fingernails and pre-loaded apps that include a digital scrapbook, personalized diary and daily horoscopes, which Fujitsu believes will appeal to women. An accompanying mouse and AC adaptor have also been created slightly smaller to fit more comfortably in female hands. While the range may raise eyebrows, those looking for a more feminine alternative to the purely functional black or gray options offered by many computer manufacturers may welcome the move. Are there other everyday devices that could do with a womanly makeover? Spotted by: Katherine Noyes



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