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Fresh produce

Laser-engraved fresh produce eliminates need for plastic stickers


Spanish company has developed the means to laser cut detailed fruit and vegetable labels directly into the produce.

The food industry is so important, and wide-ranging, that the possibilities for improvements in sustainability and efficiency are almost limitless. From refrigerators that don’t need electricity to wearables for cattle that help farmers keep tabs on their herd, advancements in food production and consumption processes are rapid and extensive. Although small, the stickers placed on individual pieces of fruit add up to a substantial volume of plastic. Spanish company LaserFood has developed a new way to label fruit and vegetables that completely eliminates the need for plastic.

Using sensitive laser engraving, LaserFood labels are able to provide more information than can generally be printed on traditional plastic sticker labels. Laser food labeling also allows for customization by each vendor and does not affect the shelf life and healthfulness of the product. Companies using the process can include origination information, health data, logos, decorative markings and more. The process even works with more delicate fruits such as peaches and kiwis. A variety of sizes of machines are available to buy depending on the volume of food to be labeled.

How else could the marketing and shipping of produce be improved?



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