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Late-night cafe provides workspace for night owls

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Diligence Cafe in Manila opens late at night to provide a space for those who need to work round the clock.

Startup working culture can require long hours but not all cities cater to this lifestyle. Students and young professionals in Manila looking for a co-working buzz now have a new workspace to get them through the night: the Diligence Cafe.

Launched in August, Diligence Café opens from 3pm to 7am every day, serving those who want to work all hours. Customers arrive, paying either an hourly rate of PHP 60 or a daily rate of PHP 350 and can access unlimited wifi, power, showers and coffee. It even offers lockers and a napping service – beanbags and pillows are provided, and the staff stand ready to wake customers up at their chosen time. The cafe also aims to benefit the local economy, sourcing all its products from the area.

Located in the city’s Katipunan area, Diligence Cafe intends to be a force for good and is staffed by underprivileged workers, who are provided with on the job training. Springwise has seen a rise in innovations aiming to provide training to those stuck outside of the job market. A US initiative supports those with disabilities to become drone pilots and an education program offers technology training to war veterans. How else can startup culture with its 24 hour mobile workforce be facilitated  without losing touch with the local community?


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