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Laundry service delivers on three wheels

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We’ve seen eco-minded laundromats before—including Toronto’s Beach Solar, which we covered last fall—but when pickup and delivery are included, the greenness can only go so far. Unless, of course, you’re the Laundry Company of Buenos Aires, which uses pedal power to collect and return its deliveries for free. Clothes washing and a variety of related services are all available from the Laundry Company, which supports a tree-planting program to keep its business carbon-neutral. All customers are given a reusable fabric bag for their clothes, thus eliminating the disposable plastic coverings that normally get used. The Laundry Company also uses low-temperature machines and detergents designed for minimal environmental impact, resulting in energy savings of 40 percent, it says. Best of all, pickup and delivery—available at no extra charge—are made on foot or by means of the company’s bright red tricycles. If laundry, produce, groceries, furniture and assorted cargo can all be delivered by bicycle—much to the satisfaction of legions of green-minded consumers around the globe—there’s probably no reason your product can’t be too. Or did you want to let your competitors be first to tap those particular eco-bounty rewards? 😉 Spotted by: Verge Manuel



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