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Leak detection technology takes action on homeowner's behalf


Water Hero combines leak detection, auto shut-off technology and data collection to prevent leaks and minimize wastage.

Water leakage is a huge problem worldwide with one trillion gallons lost annually in US homes alone. We have already seen Wally — a device that lets homeowners know when a leak needs fixing, and now Water Hero is using similar smart technology to identify leaks, going a step further by introducing a shutoff motor that automatically turns off the water at the main valve when a problem is detected.

Water Hero is comprised of a flow sensor and a shutoff motor — both of which can be self-installed easily over existing plumbing, greatly reducing costs. The devices are wirelessly connected to a cloud-based platform, which is accessed via the smartphone app, and customers are informed by text message any time a problem arises.

Additional features include freeze warnings, temperature and humidity sensors and the ability to alter settings remotely. The product provides water-flow analytics — accessible to the consumer via the accompanying app or any web browser — making the Water Hero a powerful tool for home water conservation as well. You can learn more about the features and possible uses in the video below:

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and certification from Dragon Innovations, Water Hero is currently available to pre-order for USD 150 and will retail for USD 200 in October 2015. In the future, there are further products in development that will enable the Water Hero to be applied to exterior plumbing meters.

As with all Internet of Things developments, the most progressive devices go beyond tracking and reporting, instead taking action on the consumer’s behalf. Are there other products that could use similar tech to reduce domestic wastage?



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