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Lego pop-up store

Lego pop-up store offers augmented reality shopping experience


Tens of millions of shoppers will be using augmented and virtual reality technologies by 2025

Spotted: The Danish Lego Group demonstrated the potential of augmented reality (AR) shopping this February with a London pop-up shop. The store was completely empty, save a large snapcode, the QR code that opens features on the snapchat app. Shoppers snapped a photo of the snapcode to unveil the “real” shopping experience through AR. They then walked around the empty space, viewing a virtual shop via their phones. The shop featured an interactive DJ booth, a LEGO bouncer, an arcade machine, and clothes.

The experience may have been virtual but the shopping was real. Customers paid using Snapchat’s ‘Shop Now’ feature, which linked to the Lego Wear e-commerce site. Purchased items were delivered to their homes.




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