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In Paris, child-friendly café keeps kids entertained

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Most restaurants that claim to be “kid-friendly” walk a fine line between being *too* kid-friendly—and turning off parents in the process—and being not quite kid-friendly enough, simply tacking a few fast-food dishes onto their menus as an afterthought. Aiming to better serve both parts of the family, French Les 400 Coups offers seasonal fare for both adults and children along with events and activities to keep kids happy. In addition to its adult-focused dining area and wifi-equipped lounge, Les 400 Coups includes an indoor play area adjoining the main restaurant. Parents are still responsible for supervising their kids there, but the space offers a variety of activities and games for children up to 8 years old within a sound-insulated area bound by low walls. Also available at Les 400 Coups is a child-sized dining area complete with smaller-scale chairs, tables and high chairs; meals are scaled-down versions of many of the restaurant’s adult offerings. Supervised workshops for kids focused on the topics of cooking, ecology and film, meanwhile, are another way to keep kids busy while parents enjoy a quiet meal, as are mini-concerts and storytelling events. Les 400 Coups is open Wednesday through Sunday, closing at 9 pm on Saturdays, 6 pm otherwise. Restaurants with play areas may be commonplace in some parts of the world—North America, in particular—but on a global scale, it’s still a relatively underdeveloped segment of the dining market, particularly outside the fast-food realm. One to bring to relaxation-starved parents in your neck of the woods…?(Related: Hotels serve healthy kids meals by Jamie OliverIn Jakarta, healthy meals at sponsored food carts for kids.) Spotted by: Fadila Merizak



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