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Clothing line makes treatment easier for dialysis & infusion patients

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Launched in April, Libre Clothing produces garments with hidden zipper access points specifically designed to make it easier and more comfortable for patients to undergo chemotherapy, dialysis or other treatments requiring intravenous lines, catheters or infusion tubes. The clothing range includes men’s half-zip pullover sweaters priced at USD 54.99 and unisex half-zip pullover lightweight sweatshirts priced at USD 34.99. Men’s and women’s button-up shirts will be available soon, and a line of clothing for children who regularly receive dialysis or insulin injections is on the drawing board. One dollar from every sale goes to kidney research. Libre Clothing is working closely with key strategic partners in the US including hospitals, dialysis clinics and the National Kidney Foundation. With minimal competition in the growing market of dialysis and chemotherapy patients, there’s plenty of room for innovative products and services that will make life easier for this group of consumers. (Related: Designer bags for glucose testersGraphic decals turn casts into works of art.) Spotted by: Meagan Skaff



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