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License plates act as contact numbers for text messaging drivers


The CurbTXT platform aims to turn vehicle license plates into contact info for their drivers, allowing anyone to easily text the owner.

We’ve already seen license plates used as a source of pricing information for prospective car buyers, and now CurbTXT aims to use these plates to provide driver’s contact info for others on the road, allowing anyone to easily text the car’s owner. Passersby who see a vehicle with its lights left on, blocking an exit or being vandalized, usually feel helpless to do anything about it. CurbTXT allows drivers to register their vehicle’s license plate and phone number, which is stored on its database. They also receive a bumper sticker to alert passersby that they are registered. When someone needs to get in touch with the owner of a vehicle, they can send a text — which should begin with the state code and license plate number — to the CurbTXT number and the service will forward it on to the driver. The texter is alerted if the vehicle is not registered with CurbTXT. Evidently, the system may be open to spammers, but CurbTXT customers can text ‘#block’ if they no longer want to receive messages from a particular sender. Currently available in San Francisco, CurbTXT hopes that communities will adopt the idea and begin looking after each others’ cars. Is this an idea that could spread around the globe? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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