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Lifehack for fliers: schedule online check-ins ahead of time

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While being able to check in for flights online has made life easier for airline passengers, it isn’t always as convenient as it could be. Airlines generally allow online check-ins 24–30 hours before take-off. If a passenger wants their pick of seats, they’ll have to remember to log on as soon check in opens—which could be at 3 a.m.—and need to be online to do so. (Unfortunately, many check-in systems don’t play nice with mobile web browsers.) An inconvenience to consumers usually means a business opportunity for smart entrepreneurs, and this is no exception. Check Me In was launched in June 2007 to help passengers check in as soon as they can, without having to be online or ask a colleague or family member to do it for them. How it works? After booking a flight, passengers log on to and enter their flight and personal details, indicating their seat preference. For EUR 7 per one-way flight—which covers up to 5 passengers on one booking—Check Me In takes care of the rest. As soon as check-in opens for a flight, the company snags the best available seats, in line with their customers’ preferences. Customers receive an email confirmation that includes their boarding pass. If they don’t have access to a computer or printer, customers can print their boarding pass at the airport terminal. The Dutch company’s founder, Iwan van Geelen, told us that many customers handle check-in themselves for their outbound flight, but use Check Me In for their return trip. The service is currently available for over 20 airlines and 350 airports worldwide. With air travel becoming increasingly taxing, air travellers need all the help they can get. More lifehacks for fliers to follow? And how about combining Check Me In with TripIt? Spotted by:



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