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Light-emitting headset reduces tiredness

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The Re-Timer device uses light to realign wearers' bodyclocks and combat tiredness.

Sleeplessness can be bad for business and personal creativity, and there have already been numerous attempts to help people be more flexible with their shut-eye, from Sleepbox napping pods to desktop pillows. Now the Re-Timer device uses light to realign wearers’ bodyclocks and combat tiredness. Considering our bodies use sunlight to guide our sleeping patterns, a lack of it in the daytime can cause problems when it comes to getting to bed at the right time. The Re-Timer headset gives the eyes a dose of non-UV green light that can help to increase alertness at the correct times of the day or reset bodyclocks that have been upset by insomnia or long-haul travel. The device could be used by regular travelers, those with medical sleeping problems or shift workers to tackle fatigue and increase productivity. Re-Timer is portable and comes with a travel case, while charging can be carried out by plugging it into a laptop via USB. The website also offers a free jetlag calculator which tells users when they will need to use the headset based on their flight times. The device is priced at AUD 273.90. The video below shows the Re-Timer in action: The Re-Timer is a safe way for workers and those with medical conditions to re-adjust their bodyclock and be alert at the times they need it most. How else could sleeplessness be remedied? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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