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'Light Field' camera enables re-focusing of photos after they have been shot

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Photographers can now re-focus their photos after they have been taken with the Lytro Light Field Camera.

We’ve seen digital cameras become smaller, lighter and cheaper, while increasingly enabling amateur photographers to take seemingly professional photos. However, the range of different settings and configurations available can be overwhelming for many. Now, enabling consumers to edit the look of their photos after they have been taken, the Lytro Light Field Camera offers a simpler alternative. According to the company, light field sensors – which capture all of the light traveling in all directions in every point of space in front of the camera – have been in development for around 15 years, but can now be used in a consumer product. The Lytro camera is a cuboid-shaped device measuring 1.61 x 1.61 x 4.41 inches, meaning that despite its unusual form, it can be held in the palm. Inside, the sensor can detect the color, intensity and direction of light particles when the shutter is opened. Physical components found in traditional cameras are replaced with hardware which can analyse the data and present it in multiple forms. Because the camera has captured light from the entire scene in front of it, users can choose which objects they want to appear in focus after they have taken their photos by using the dedicated computer software. A digital display on the rear of the camera, meanwhile, lets users see a preview of their photos as they take them. A demo is available enabling users to test the technology on the Lytro website. The Lytro camera comes in a range of 3 colors – red, blue and gray – and 2 hard-drive sizes – 8GB and 16GB. The company is currently retailing the product from USD 399. While we have seen plenty of reiterations of the digital camera from large brands, it’s refreshing to see a small brand take them on with a dose of real innovation. One for inspiration! Spotted by: Juni Ching



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