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Lightbox archives old photos straight to smartphone

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QromaScan uses a green screen lightbox, a smartphone and the scanner's voice to digitize and organize old snaps with ease.

The process of scanning physical photos is enough to put most people off creating and updating a digital photo collection. But now, QromaScan is offering a simple solution – using a green screen lightbox, a smartphone and the scanner’s voice to digitize and organize old snaps quickly and effortlessly.

To begin, users unfold the portable QromaScan, connect it to their smartphone, and launch the Qroma app. Then, with the help of voice recognition, the user simply states the date, location and people in the first photo and the app creates searchable metadata. Next, the user inserts the photo into the device itself, placing it on the green screen. Inbuilt LED lights help the smartphone to capture the image with the perfect amount of exposure and white balance, eliminating glare.

The device enables users to position photos in perfect alignment with the smartphone camera, meaning there is no need for cropping or adjustment. It also enables photographers to capture the back of their photos if they want to preserve any handwritten documentation or notes. Users can then browse and edit their photos within the Qroma app and import them to their camera roll or computer.

QromaScan is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where pledgers can pre-order the system for USD 35. The product is expected to ship in July 2015. Could the QromaScan be used for scanning documents as well?



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