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Lightweight, flexible bike lock made from layered textiles

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German company tex-lock introduces a five-layer rope bike lock that weighs around one kilogram and is available in small, medium and large sizes.

With nanotechnology and new materials helping designers create ever lighter, smaller and more flexible items, related industries are getting involved too. Tex-lock is a German company now fundraising on Kickstarter for commercial production of its extremely flexible, lightweight bike lock. Made from five layers of high-tech textiles, the tex-lock is saw, fire and cut resistant.

Early supporters will be able to choose the final color of their lock, as well as different packages that include padlocks and combinations of sizes of the rope. A saddle mount is available, and there are two sizes and shapes of padlocks to choose from, depending on how and where the bike will be locked. The company plans to begin delivery in August 2017. Future development of the lock is likely to focus on other outdoor sports requiring different sizes and additional variations of the flexibility and lightweight design, as well as integrated smart features.

Another new bike lock design Springwise has featured gases potential thieves with a vomit-inducing substance. Around the world, cities are finding ways to better support the sustainable transport option of cycling, including using solar-powered glow in the dark bike paths. How could the self-driving vehicle revolution work with cyclists for both improved safety and well-being?



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