Innovation That Matters

Customized lip balms, mixed while you wait


With the many items that can be customized today—from muesli to fabrics—the trend is still going strong. Case in point: Lip Balm Labz, a Canadian startup that lets consumers design their own lip balms. At the Lip Balm Labz store in Toronto’s Dufferin Mall, customers can pick and choose from more than 20 tantalizing flavors to be mixed in their lip balm, which is crafted from all-natural ingredients including beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. “Mixologists” at the ice cream stand-styled lab are clad in tie-dyed lab coats and dance to thumping music as they mix and pour the hot lip balm into the container of the customer’s choosing. Once it cools, customers walk away with a customized tube of lip balm, made exactly how they like it. A spin-off venture from the Rivendell Soap Factory, Lip Balm Labz also lets consumers order online. Pricing is CAD 2 per tube plus CAD 2 for shipping. Want to hop on board the customization train yourself? Then look around for options that include a bit of style but haven’t yet been claimed. One possibility we’d love to see: design-your-own toothbrushes! 🙂 Spotted by: Sheri Allain



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