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Live rent free by the sea

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Japanese interior brand, Muji, offers consumers a house in exchange for market research.

Back in April we covered a coworking space in Berlin that was offering free desk space to freelancers in exchange for monthly content contributions. In a similar exchange of services, Japanese interiors retail chain Muji has invited candidates to live for two years, rent-free in a house by the sea.

Between July and August 2016, Muji invited applications from Japanese-speaking families, single people, groups of friends and pet owners. ‘Mado no le’ or ‘Window House’ is fully furnished with Muji furniture and appliances. The building will be two stories tall and have a total floor space of about 80 square meters. Located on the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture, the house is 45 minutes away from Tokyo. Candidates will not pay rent but must pay for their own utilities and groceries, participate in the company’s photoshoots and presentations, and provide feedback on their experience of living in the house.

According to Muji, the individuals will be given privacy and no hidden cameras or monitoring devices will be put in the home. Can this exchange model be offered out to more consumers?

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