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Live salespeople demonstrate products online


It’s not uncommon for e-commerce sites to offer live chat with salespeople, but Swedish telecoms operator 3 Sweden is now taking that premise several steps further. Through a custom multi-touch interface, the company’s new 3LiveShop offering aims to provide customers with the same personalized service they’d get at its bricks-and-mortar stores.

Now, when 3 Sweden customers elect to have a video call with a salesperson, they experience something much like they would in a physical store. Specifically, using just the touch of a finger, the salesperson can drag a product onto the screen, demonstrate its features, and then drag it into a shopping cart. The system can detect multiple fingers and hands at the same time on the salesperson’s side while recreating everything for the customer. A video on Vimeo demonstrates the system in action.

3LiveShop’s technology includes machines custom-built from parts from all over the world including touch screens, mirrors and high-end cameras. Flash-based software comes from Swedish B-Reel while hardware was built by Teenage Engineering; tech agency Isotop provided integration into an existing e-commerce back-end system. Other e-commerce vendors around the globe: be inspired! (Related: Virtual portal gives patients remote access to healthcare servicesMedical provider adds virtual house calls to its servicesDigital makeup mirror enables virtual tryvertising.)

Spotted by: Katharina Kleck



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