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Geotagged social media analysis for local user engagement


Local Measure aggregates geo-tagged social media data in real-time, offering businesses insight into local users.

We’ve seen how businesses are using platforms to gather user-generated content across social media platforms, and now Australia-based Local Measure is using the same data to enable local user engagement.

Local measure works by filtering and aggregating geo-tagged and geo-fenced social media content, so businesses can use it to gain fast and accurate customer data. With the dashboard, businesses can look at a location via co-ordinates on a map, and capture all public content generated in that set parameter. They can filter the results more using hashtags and geo-tags (tags of specific places such as a concert hall or restaurant), among many other intelligent search functions, such as only viewing the content of influential users who have a certain amount of following.

Businesses can monitor mentions of their company, and see how customers are discussing their products and services without the need for surveys or review sites. They can also keep tabs on multiple locations in real-time, which is especially valuable due to the fast-moving pace of social media. The dashboard will translate foreign languages. Analyzing local data enables businesses to create relevant content and target customers in specific locations.

A demo of Local Measure is currently available by request, and the company has already worked with Virgin Hotels, Qantas and Sea World. What other aspects of online customer data can be analyzed in this way?



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