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Local produce, delivered by bicycle

Mobility & Transport

It’s hard to imagine a business for which emissions-free travel makes more sense than the delivery of fresh organic produce. No real surprise, then, to find a Florida company that delivers local, farm-stand fruits and vegetables via a bicycle-towed trailer. Sarasota-based Harvest Cycle provides home and bulk deliveries of organic produce from Jessica’s Stand and Organic Farm, a local provider. Foods delivered include farm-fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, grains and seeds, and everything is delivered in 14-gallon Rubbermaid bins stacked atop a bicycle-towed trailer. Customers browse the week’s available selection–updated each Thursday night–and place their orders online. Deliveries are then made Friday or Saturday. Delivery fees are USD 15 per bin, and 25 percent of the proceeds go to the Alliance for Responsible Transportation. Expect to see more examples of delivery by bicycle in the energy-conscious days ahead, using anything from traditional bicycles to van-sized cargo cycles, as we’ve already seen at French La Petite Reine. With the growing number of eco-minded consumers out there, it won’t remain a novelty–or an option–for long! Spotted by: Emma Crameri



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