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Platform helps brands find & thank their biggest online fans

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Much the way Revinate helps hotels harness the power of social media, so LocalResponse aims to bring similar capabilities to brands large and small, with a particular eye toward helping them find and thank their most loyal fans with coupons and other special offers. Now in beta, New York-based LocalResponse was created to help businesses manage and respond to customer visits via social media. Formerly known as “Buzzd,” the platform aggregates real-time “check-ins” from leading social media services and provides a simple interface for responding directly to those individuals in real time. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, MyTown, Loopt, Whrrl and Brightkite are all among the services LocalResponse monitors. To see an aggregation of the results for their own brand, companies simply enter their name and location on the site. For a more detailed analysis, however, they can sign in with their company’s Twitter handle, giving them access not only to LocalResponse’s prioritized listing of the people it has found discussing the brand, but also suggestions as to which the brand should focus on responding to. From there, brands can select from numerous special “thank you” offers to send those loyal customers, click on the ones they like and simply hit “send.” In testing with some 2,000 companies over the past six months, LocalResponse has achieved a 60 percent click-through rate on messages sent through its site, according to a report in the New York Times. Though currently free, the service will ultimately be offered on a freemium model, with a monthly fee for heavier users. Time to bring a little more foreverism to your socially savvy brand? (Related: Clothing brand rewards fans for being kind onlinePortal for brand conversations, led by the brands.)



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