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Digital ads on car windows | Photo source Brxxto on Unsplash

Location based ads on rideshare car windows

Advertising & Marketing

A company has created a device that can transform car windows into digital screens and display ads to anyone outside.

Grabb-It is a location based advertising platform that can convert a car window into a digital screen. It offers brands an ‘always on’ advertising platform as the ads cannot be switched off, skipped or hidden. The device also offers high levels of reach as its advanced online platform lets brands hyper-target a specific audience. Campaigns can be scaled for a demographic or a specific area. As campaign prices are flexible, brands can choose to run their campaigns for any period of time, from one night to one year. Ad content can also be updated at any time.

Grabb-It also offers real-time analytics, letting brands track their campaigns and view impression counts. It does so using Wi-Fi beacon technology from mobile phones within the vehicles range. Grabb-It is free and easy to install on windows for ridesharing drivers. The ads can be viewed day and night and the device fits any car window. In addition, Grabb-It offers drivers an additional source of income.

At Springwise, we have previously published advertising innovations such as location-based AR images that can be put on display anywhere. It works by using a thin vertical line of light to produce images that only exist in the viewer’s eye. Another example is interactive platform doors that have been installed on Brazil’s metro line. The doors display adverts that can analyse and log the reactions of commuters.




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