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Locker system could improve airport bag-check experience

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Qylatron is a self-service honeycomb locker system that could provide more efficient carry-on security checks at airports.

On the busiest days of the year, the TSA screens more than two million travelers, so it is no wonder that wait times often surpass 20 minutes. We have already seen the BlipTrack Indoor Sensor System, which gives customers real-time info on wait times, and now Qylatron is a honeycomb locker system that could improve the situation further, by offering an efficient alternative to the current conveyer belt system.


The Qylatron was created by airport security tech firm Qylur. To begin, passengers walk up to the stacked wall of lockers and scan their ticket. Then, they place their carry on luggage inside one of the lockers and walk through the body scanner. The Qylatron scans the luggage using x-ray, radiation and chemical screenings and machine learning. If it detects a problem it alerts the staff, if not the customer simply retrieves their bag from the other side of the locker and continues with their journey.

The system can cater to 600 passengers per hour and since two or three passengers can put in or retrieve their luggage at any one time, the Qylatron system may provide a more efficient airport security experience. They also take up less space and require less staff to manage each cluster. We first spotted the Qylatron in 2013 and since then the technology has been trialled at the World Cup in Brazil and the Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. Airport testing should follow soon. Where else could Qylatron be used?



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