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Shippping | Photo source Julius Silver from Pixabay

Platform uses satellite data and machine learning to add transparency to supply chain

Mobility & Transport

A new SaaS platform shows transport flows in real time

Spotted: Wakeo, a new B2B SaaS platform, provides real-time information on international transport flows. The platform uses satellite data, machine learning and advanced algorithms, in order to precisely track shipments. The platform is able to continually update and adjust arrival times and can be interconnected with existing IT solutions. Alerts are then sent to operational teams, to help them to anticipate arrival times.

The system is designed to help primarily industrial and retail shippers and freight forwarders optimise their supply chains. Up to now, data available to shippers has been fragmented. This makes it hard for shippers to anticipate and plan for delays. Wakeo’s automated platform adds transparency and allows businesses to better manage just-in-time supply chains.

Wakeo is already being used by companies such as Air Liquide, and Faurecia. However, it is not the only company focused on using machine learning to improve B2B shipping. The ports of Rotterdam and Los Angeles have recently developed their own dynamic mapping and tracking systems to provide real-time data on transport logistics.




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