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In London, museum visits enhanced with NFC technology

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Museum of London uses NFC to enhance visitors' experience and boost social media presence.

Just a couple of weeks ago we wrote about Navigo in Paris who are trialling a scheme that uses NFC-enabled smartphones as travel passes on public transport. Now, across the waters, the Museum of London is embracing that same technology to enhance the visiting experiences of guests, while enabling them to share those experiences online. Working with Nokia, the Museum of London have introduced NFC to both their venues, across a range of smartphone models, and are one of the first public organizations in the UK to do so. By tapping their phone on sensor tags around the museums users are able to access vouchers for the museums’ shops and cafés, book tickets for future exhibitions, receive more information about exhibits, join the Museum’s Friends scheme, and buy prints. Social network integration allows users to follow, like and check-in at both the museums via Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare, and those with Nokia phones can download the “Soundtrack to London” — a historical music trivia app. The scheme is intended to help visitors learn and interact more, enabling them to access information instantly and conveniently. The video below shows the Museum of London’s use of the technology in greater detail: The Museum of London believe using NFC allows users to share data much quicker than is possible with bluetooth and QR codes. Other recent innovations have seen NFC used to reduce the need for multiple gadgets, passes, leaflets and brochures. Could you streamline the user experience of your brand with NFC? Spotted by: Florent Lesauvage



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