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Virtual studio lets anyone be a fashion editor

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Just a few weeks ago we wrote about My Fashion Plate, a wardrobe management community for clothes hounds. While a variety of features are available on that site—including even personal shopping services—Looklet is a new contender that focuses exclusively on the design end with a virtual studio through which users can mix and match real designer clothes.Now in beta, Stockholm-based Looklet offers a selection of seven models—each with various facial expressions—38 backdrops and almost 2,000 items of clothing and accessories that can be combined to try out new looks and combinations. All the clothes items are actual, existing pieces selected by stylists from real designers; users need only drag and drop them onto the model of their choice to create their own personal look, which is viewable from multiple perspectives. Once they’ve created a style they like, they can save it and share it with other users of the site as well as with friends on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Some 76,000 users have already created more than 600,000 outfits on Looklet, all browsable, searchable and available for remixing.There’s no doubt both Looklet and competitor Polyvore offer the opportunity for fashion brands to engage with their target audiences in a much more compelling way than traditional advertising ever could. While Polyvore provides e-commerce links to enable shopping, however, Looklet currently does not, instead simply providing general links to the designers’ sites. Seems to us users will eventually want to convert their dream creations into reality—one to partner with on the e-shopping end to help make that possible? Spotted by: Ozgur Alaz



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